My Journey: From Business Analyst to Data Scientist


    Success Story: An upgrade from Analysis to Data Science

    Akash Lamba was a successful Business Analyst who wanted to take the next step in advancing his career. He joined Dimensionless to switch from Business Analysis to Data Science.

    When you set out to learn a new skill, the biggest hurdle is finding the relevant content. After finding it, a bigger hurdle is learning it thoroughly.

    Akash Lamba


    Education: B.Tech. in Electronics and Telecommunications

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    Profile: Banking Domain

    Designation: Senior Business Analyst 

    Experience: 2 years and 3 months

    Profile: Data Scientist

    Designation: Tableau Consultant

    Domain:  Manufacturing

    My journey into Data Science

    Why Data Science?

    Being a Business Analyst, I was aware that many companies have centred their businesses on data. The demand for Data professionals was going to only increase. The future is bright in data-related profiles and I can see a secure future for myself. After some experience as a Business Analyst, Data Science would be the perfect next step for a career-upgrade. So, I was sure of getting into Data Science.

    Why Dimensionless?

    When you set out to learn a new skill, the biggest hurdle is finding the relevant content. After finding it, a bigger hurdle is learning it thoroughly.

    I did my own research over a couple of days. I came across many courses and after going through many data science courses online I landed on Dimensionless website. When I had a word with a Dimensionless mentor, who reserved a seat for me at their Demo Class. Coming from a similar background, I could judge their knowledge and course curriculum. At the time, Dimensionless was the only class offering the flexibility of time (post-work and weekend classes), a holistic curriculum and mentor-led classes. I decided to sign-up for the ‘Data Science Specialization Course with Python and R’ at Dimensionless. 

    Experience with Dimensionless?

    My experience with Dimensionless was excellent. All the topics were very well-taught and in-depth concepts are covered. The best thing is that I could resolve doubts instantly during the live sessions. The mentors were very friendly and made sure everyone’s doubts were cleared. In fact, they have always happily helped me with my issues even after the course was completed.

    Dimensionless makes learning interesting by explaining the concepts well with practical implementation simultaneously. They allow you to attend different classes if you want to expedite your learning or missed any class. HR is very supportive in giving placement assistance and also gives personal attention to build up the resume as well. I definitely recommend Dimensionless to everyone and anyone who is serious about Data Science.

    Career Transition to Data Science

    During the last 1 month of the course, with the help of project mentoring and resume-building activities at Dimensionless, I updated my profile. After my resume-building was completed, I started searching for internships in Data Science and finally ended up in a start-up as a Data Science Intern. After completing my internship for 5 months I again started applying for jobs.

    With the help of Dimensionless network and placement assistance, I was able to apply to many companies for Data Science. After circulating my resume and interviewing in my companies I finally got my first job in the Data Science field as a Tableau Consultant. I always loved visualizing data with business domain knowledge and really got lucky to get into my field of interest. 

    Thanks to Dimensionless for supporting me from a time with no job in hand to a time where I finally got my job.


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