Train Your Self-Driving Car AI in Grand Theft Auto V


Developers building self-driving cars can now take their AI agents for a spin in the simulated open world of Grand Theft Auto V – via OpenAI’s machine-learning playground, Universe.

The open-source MIT-licensed code gluing GTA V to Universe is maintained by Craig Quiter, who works for Otto – the Uber-owned startup that delivered 51,744 cans of Budweiser over 193km (120 miles) using a self-driving truck.

The software comes with a trained driving agent; all developers need is a copy of the game to get cracking. After that, programmers can swap out the demo AI model with their own agents to test their code and neural networks. Universe and Quiter’s integration code takes care of the fiddly interfacing with the game.

This video shows the frames fed to the agent (artificially slowed to 8FPS, top left), diagnostics from the agent and environment (bottom left), and a human-friendly free camera view (right).

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Credit: Thanks to Mary Charlotte Tover for sharing this news item with me.