Mr Prashanth Data Science Success Story


Mr Prashanth former employee of Capgemini talks about how he got to know about Data Science and Machine Learning. He also shares his experience of joining DataMites, and how easy it was for him to switch to a career in Data Science. Some of the excerpts from the interview are given below.

Mr Prasanth Data Science Success Story

Question: Hi Prashanth, A hearty congratulations on landing up a career in Data Science. Tell us something about your journey. How you started off, what was the process?. What made you, shift to a career in Data Science.

Answer: I was employed with Capgemini, I got to know about data science and machine learning, from some of my friends working there. Since then, the subject has induced a good amount of interest in me. Through subsequent research, I came to know about DataMites, one of the leading institutes in Bangalore, imparting training on Data Science and Machine learning. I joined the institute, It had been a memorable journey from thereon.

With training, uncompromised of quality, and a mentor like Ashok, it was a cherishable experience in DataMites.

Question: Could you brief us upon the training process?

Answer: The training was classroom-based, mostly case study approach was adopted as part of the sessions. At the end of the training, I was assigned a couple of live projects to handle. This has helped to usher in better clarity and also helped to boost my confidence. At the end of the course, I was handed a certificate.

Question: Tell us something on the course curriculum.

Answer: The course mainly dealt with topics like Machine learning, which were divided into two parts- beginner and advanced respectively, Data Science, Tableau, Python, and Artificial Intelligence.

Mr Sagar: What are the questions asked in the interview?

Answer: The interview questions mainly included those from the projects, that I did in DataMites. To be more precise, about the project problem, and my role in finding the solution for the same. We need to re-work on the projects, done by us, and if we are thorough with explaining our project details, cracking the interview is very easy.

Question: How was your experience with DataMites?

Answer: Data Science and Machine Learning have always induced interest in me to explore more. DataMites has helped me to achieve this dream of mine. I shall always be grateful to the institute for opening up new doors for me. I also was able to get new acquaintances here, and a great mentor like Ashok. I shall cherish this all my life.

Questions: What is your advice for those who aspire to make a career in Data Science?

Answer: Data Science and Machine learning are two new disciplines of the modern age, anyone who has mastered this field will be benefited in the long run, because every now and then there are new changes happening, and staying updated would help a great deal in landing up a bright career. Also for those who feel the need to join a good institute, I suggest DataMites Training Institute.