Dr Beena Data Science Success Story


Dr Beena, who has twenty years of experience been working in academics, shares her viewpoint on getting acquainted with the data science and machine learning domain. And talks about her experience with DataMites.

Dr. Beena Data Science Success Story

Question: Congratulations Dr Beena, on being a certified Data Scientist. Could you tell us something, about your journey in DataMites?. How it all started ?.

Answer: I have been working in the academics domain. When I came to know about data science, as one of the fields of knowledge that is gaining popularity, in the current scenario, I personally felt an inner urge to upgrade myself. Also, I came to know about DataMites, as one of the best institutes imparting data science and machine learning education, not only in Bangalore but Karnataka as a whole. I joined the institute. It had been a memorable journey since then.

Question: We would also like to know, more about the classroom training experience.

Answer: The classroom training sessions were very interactive, conducted by experienced trainers, with in-depth knowledge and significant years of experience in the domain. Also, we were given to analyse real-life cases, which helped to increase our understandability of the subject.

Question: What was the total duration of the course?. How long did it take you, to land a job in Data Science?.

Answer: The course comprised of two months of classroom training and one and a half month of internship. During this juncture, I was given live projects to work on. This helped me in boosting my overall confidence. Working on a project has taught me a lot about the possible obstacles that would arise, and the ways of dealing with the same.

Question: What were the interview questions you had to face ?. Could you specify on the topics it comprised of ?.

Answer: The interview questions consisted of the basic concepts, like What is a confusion matrix? and questions on permutations and combinations. Another part of the interview consisted solely of the projects. I would advise everyone who is attending the data science and machine learning interview, to be well versed in explaining the project. Any company takes into account, how good you are able to apply the concepts practically. Therefore your performance on the project will help to add significant value.

Question: Tell us about your experience with DataMites.

Answer: I personally was able to gain a lot of knowledge, being associated with DataMites. To be precise, the classroom atmosphere is of superior quality, and conducive for learning. Also in the parameter of trainers, the institute stands out from others, not only in Bangalore but all over Karnataka. Any individual who aspires to make a career in data science and machine learning, DataMites is the right choice.

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