R 3.6.3 is available, marking the 20th anniversary of R 1.0.0


On February 29, R 3.6.3 was released and is now available for Windows, Linux and Mac systems. This update, codenamed “Holding the Windsock“, fixes a few minor bugs, and as a minor update maintains compatibility with scripts and packages written for prior versions of R 3.6. 

February 29 is an auspicious date, because that was the day that R 1.0.0 was released to the world: February 29, 2000. In the video below from the CelebRation2020 conference marking the 20th anniversary of R, core member Peter Dalgaard reflects on the origins of R, and releases R 3.6.3 live on stage (at the 33-minute mark).

R has advanced tremendously in the last 20 years, and the R language and the community around it shows no signs of slowing down, as demonstrated by this chart of R package downloads (from Jozef Hajnala’s excellent retrospective on R).

R package downloads

R 3.6.3 is likely to be the last update in the R 3.6 series, before R 4.0.0 is released on April 24 with many exciting new features. For more on R 3.6.3, including all the changes in this release, check out the official announcement on the link below.

R-announce mailing list: R 3.6.3 is released