Kiran Smart: Breaking Industry Barriers and Propelling Towards an Autonomous Future


Kiran Smart is the first A.I. Humanoid Robot Company in Kuwait. It offers customized Computer Networking and System Integration solutions to the local market. Being a top IT company with locations in Kuwait, Dubai, and India, it provides an industry-standard integrated solution, IT consulting, IT maintenance, IT consultancy, and IT solutions servicesWith a vast experience and technology know-how of robotic solutions, working with multiple robotic manufacturers and companies globally, the company has pioneered the robotics field in terms of robotic solutions for almost every industry today. 

Journey Towards an Exemplary Success 

Kiran Smart was built in 2005, with a mission to provide innovative, reliable, and high-quality services to clients throughout GCC and globally. Initially, formed as an IT solutions and service provider in Kuwait, the company’s focus initially was towards the Hospitality sector owing to the growth in the tourism industry globally.  

By offering 24 hours of service availability, the company was able to gain many loyal customers. Kiran Smart never refuses to provide support for its customers even if they call latenight. Customers are also valued during the holy month (Ramadan) even when the employees are supposed to be to fasting Instead, they go around the hotel with the customer to fix the issue. With immense trust from customers, the company receives the first preference whenever they need anything in their business and make a request. Thus, increasing the company’s business presence and turnover.  

The first business that Kiran Smart did was with a hoteldelivering a RAM for PC worth US$30. Today in the entire GCC, the company is serving 80 percent of the hospitality sector either directly or through its channel partnersBeing a master in the field of information technology with multi-facet technologyKiran Smart has developed itself into an AI Humanoid Robotic Solutions and Services company serving all industries. In the last few years, Kiran Smart has delivered many robotics projects for schools, malls, Govt., Research Institute, Telecom, and Bank locally and internationally via various manufacturers and suppliers.  

Currently, due to COVID19, the demand for robotic solutions grew more than 100 percentTo capitalize on this, Kiran Smart developed and launched robotic solutions and services for different industries for the COVID19 and post-pandemic periodIt is fulfilling the company’s mission by developing highly trained, loyal employees who work as a team to anticipate, identify, and respond to the client’s/project needs. Operating in a highly competitive environment, Kiran Smart continuously strives for excellence, aimed at fulfulling the maximum requirements of the project at the lowest possible costs, passing the benefits to its client. 

A Dynamic Leader, Balancing Technology and Business 

Mohammed Mubin Mallick, the CEO of Kiran Smart and Founder of Mi-Robots, holds an MBA from Cardiff  UniversityUK. He has several professional certificates under his nameMubin also has  vast experience starting from manufacturing unit in LG., Sony, with expertise in the distribution channel management for Asian ethnics garments in Wales (Cardiff – U.K.). He founded Kiran Smart as an IT company to serve the market with cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality and then took it to the nextlevel by partnering with major IT companies around the world.  

As the market and business grew, the company diversified and witnessed digital transformation by providing solutions to customers and offering assistance for digital business transformation in different industries. His major contribution is in the hospitality industry where he was involved in developing HSIA products called Surfsonix patent under Interlabz Technologies. This product brought about a revolution in the Guest Wi-Fi solution seamlessly. Surfsonix was marketed in entire GCC and actively in tradeshows, seminars, and events. Today, Kiran Smart has become Global Distributor of Surfsonix for the MENA region under his tutelage. 

With the passage of time, Mubin began his research in October 2017 on Humanoid Robots Services and SolutionsBefore this, none of the Gulf Countries were known to the field, as no one had predicted the future; hence, it was a smart move taken by him entering the field of robotics. After intensive research, the company transitioned as a distributor and acted as an agent for a few renowned robot manufacturers in Russia, China, Singapore, Finland, and Holland. At first, when robotic solutions by Kiran Smart started moving into the market, it was tough to convince people and explain about it to them.  

This did not deter CEO – Mohammed Mubin Mallick . He invested a considerable amount of money for marketing, creating awareness among people for the robotic solutions. Today, due to COVID-19, the whole world understood that it needs robots to save the humans. His contribution to robotic solutions has been acknowledged in healthcare, banks, hospitality, malls, airports, oil & gas, factories, warehouse, and many industries. 

Innovating Through Client-First Approach 

Contributing and benefiting to the industries as well as to the community as holistic services bring an actual success to the company where the clients are happy, and the nation looks forward to innovative solutions that can bring changes in the country and have long-term benefits. It means serving to the industries where customers are happy to implement the solutions for education, warehouse, banks, shopping malls, healthcare, and hotels which create high customer satisfaction level. 

This encouraged Kiran Smart to have the availability of services 24/7 and procedures that are made easy on certain repetitive tasks. As the demand is increasing everywhere, especially due to COVID-19, robotics industries are in high demand. Every industry is looking forward to have business continuity during COVID-19 and postpandemic. Starting from logistics, warehouse, tours, and travels, public places, religious places, home, there is no place left where robots are not employed to do jobs without the risk of getting infected. By deploying robots as per COVID-19 demands, the industry is helping and benefiting all customers and public, maintaining social distance, hygiene, business continuity, disinfecting the areas, and many more such services. 

Expanding Market Reach with Key Partnerships 

Kiran Smart always strives hard to have unique ideas and use innovation to grow the business. Mubin  belives new ideas are crucial to improve business processes, bring new and improved products and services to market, increase efficiency and, most importantly, improve its profitability along with keeping track of market trends and demand while introducing innovative solutions to resolve customers issuesThe A.I. firm always combines the latest technology with unique ideas to remain innovative in the market. The company consitinously researches and develops its solutions to fulfill the demand of its customers.  

Moreover, Kiran Smart has partnered with leading companies in software, cybersecurity, robotics, hardware, and manufacturers to innovate its services and solutions offering. The company engages with innovative companies, innovators, inventors, and participates in trade shows to explore new opportunities and ideas leading to innovation. 

Meeting Industry Demands with Disruptive Technologies 

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, automation, cloud computing, virtual reality, 3D printing technologies have entered the mainstream in every industry. Enterprises are adopting them all over the world. While these technologies indeed hold the potential to improve the quality of operations in the corporate sector by a huge margin, they also stand to disrupt many existing markets as well the society that we live in. Artificial Inteligence can straightforwardly be prolonged, adapted, and applied to various business operations and in our daily activities. The reason AI has been adopted on such a large scale is owing to its capacity to bring intelligence to the tasks that were previously unachievableToday, every technology that has been innovated is developed at the convergence of Artifical Intelligence, Automation, and Machine learning.  

As per Kiran Smart, innovation is the first pipeline for disruption. This is booming enormously as compared to a decade ago. Secondly, not every innovation is equal in terms of its implications for disruption. Mubin believes Artificial Intelligence, which is currently coming on stream across most sectors of the economy, is a game-changing innovation and is set to become one of the most disruptive innovations ever. 

The Covid-19 crisis is accelerating many disruptive trends across industries including retail, healthcare, etc. With the enterprise adoption of machine learning and deep learning, many existing sectors have seen widespread disruption by the new technological advancements. However, there are few industries that are going to be disrupted by AI. These, according to Kiran Smart are: 

  1. Healthcare
  2. Customer Service and Experience
  3. Banking and Financial Services 
  4. Logistics and transportation
  5. Retail
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Data Analytics
  8. Marketing
  9. Defense
  10. Lifestyle / Leisure  

Overcoming Business Challenges 

Commenting on the challenges faced Mubin says, “Honestly speaking every day is a challenge for us as the world is evolving so rapidly in terms of technology. Innovation has been so widespread now and then you see something different and unique. Keeping up the face of the company with the latest trend in technology is the major challenge”. Additionally, he mentioned a few more business challenges which include: 

  • Uncertainty about the future
  • Hiring the right talent
  • Technology advancement 
  • Research and development of the right solutions 
  • Customer service
  • Market acceptance 

If one has to consider the present situation, then the company feels that COVID-19 and following the Post Pandemic situation of tomorrow are key hurdles for them. 

Awards and Accomplishments 

Kiran Smart has received awards for being the highest project holder in 2009 and 2010 for Cyberoam UTM Firewall solution which is now Sophos. The team was invited and sponsored to Greece to receive the Award of Excellence. In 2007, Cisco awarded the company as the best SMB partner of the year. Additionally, the company has achieved many quality and management certifications while its employees are accredited by different vendors on their professional skills qualification. Kiran Smart is also recognized as one of the leading A.I. Humanoid Robotic Company in GCC and was invited by THN (The Hotelier Network) to present its solutions for the hospitality industry in Dubai. Besides, the company is recognized as the most innovative company in Kuwait and leads the country in terms of robotic solutions and services.  

Kiran Smart is overwhelmed to have a loyal customer base and their recommendation to their networks and contacts. The company has been praised by its customer for the “Never say ‘NO’ and Kiran Smart can do it” attitude. 

Insights into Promising future 

Mubin believes every robotic company has been actively working to provide solutions and services to save the human from the current COVID19 and post-pandemic environment. Kiran Smart is optimistic about the growth in robotic business and expects the robotic industry to flourish in the future without any doubt. This implies that various types of robots would appear in the market. For instance, logistic robots for warehouse and factory, shelf inventory robot for super-market, food delivery robot for restaurant, check-in robots for hotel, room service robots for hotel, marketing and promotional robot for event companies, teaching robots for schools, disinfection robots, cleaning robots, cooking robots and the list would continue.  

Being robotic solutions and services provider both locally and globally, Kiran Smart too expects high growth in terms of revenue. Moreover, this company is planning to create jobs in the future for the talented ones and support the robotic industry to grow as well.  The more we think then more innovation would be done in this field,” says Mubin.

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