Is Dataquest Worth It? Here’s What Our Learners Say in 2020


Many people who sign up for an online learning program are looking for some way to make their lives better.

Maybe you’re looking for a more fulfilling career. Maybe you’d like to make more money. Maybe you want to build some confidence or work on a project you don’t currently have the skills for.

The question that’s likely to come up when you’re evaluating a platform like Dataquest is: will this really help? Is Dataquest worth it? Is the investment I make in this education going to pay me back by helping me reach my goal?

At Dataquest, we want all of our learners to reach their goals. So in our 2020 outcomes survey (n=656), we decided to ask directly: What impact has Dataquest made on your life?

The results were overwhelming. To ensure that learners felt they could safely provide honest feedback, our survey was anonymous, but we did ask whether we could quote from some of the answers they provided. What follows is a collection of just a few of those answers.

You can scroll through the entire list if you’d like, or use the buttons below to jump to feedback related to a particular goal:

Note: We have edited some of these quotes for spelling, grammar, and length and in some cases replaced the word “it” with Dataquest to make the context of a learner’s comments clearer. 

I want to build a new career in data science!

is dataquest worth it? what students say about data science careers section

I was able to switch careers after finishing Dataquest and it was life-changing and empowering.

– Dataquest Learner in Germany

I never thought one could change one’s career in such a short period of time. But I actually did! I am very thankful for DQ’s teaching methodology. It felt like it was designed for me.

– Dataquest Learner in Brazil

Dataquest helped me to find a job I actually like, and find valuable and challenging.

– Dataquest Learner in the United Kingdom

I doubled my income in one year.

– Dataquest Learner in Canada

Interestingly, the learner mentioned above isn’t the only Dataquest learner to use that exact phrase — “doubled my income” — recently. Check out the story of how Victoria doubled her salary overnight with the data skills she picked up at Dataquest.

Dataquest has changed my life for the better by teaching me new skills and helping me to switch to a much better career.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

I got a job as a data scientist. Now I am happy, and happy at work.

– Dataquest Learner in Turkey

Being able to change careers, and doing so without taking a pay cut — I actually got a pay increase — was awesome.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

Going from 15k to 170k in salary…There’s no comparison!

– Dataquest Learner in the Netherlands

Dataquest really helped me to switch my career smoothly from teaching to data science.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

I was able to transition to a fulfilling career doing something that I should have learned years ago

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

I changed to a new career, I’m excited about my job. I have had several promotions since and feel more relaxed now that my job is fulfilling.

– Dataquest Learner in the Czech Republic

I earn more money now, and have more freedom.

– Dataquest Learner in the Netherlands

Dataquest skills got me a job I wanted in analytics.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

I now work a 100 percent remote job as a data analyst. Being remote has changed my life in ways that are indescribable and priceless.”

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

Having acquired Python skills at Dataquest was crucial aspect of getting a student research assistant position in a very good research institute.

– Dataquest Learner in Germany

Dataquest allowed me to find a role doing more work I enjoy and getting paid more, which is good for other parts of my life.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

I now have a better salary, and better job prospects.

– Dataquest Learner in the Netherlands

I want to improve my current job!

I am being seen as an important member of my organization, with more responsibilities. I am getting the attention and trust that I always wanted my employer to have in me.

– Dataquest Learner in Qatar

As a woman, Dataquest gave more confidence to challenge gender stereotypes from some male colleagues. Now, I am a mom and I feel that I’m learning as fast as I was at university. 

– Dataquest Learner in Brazil

After Dataquest, I am able to do my job quicker and guide my team better.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

Dataquest has allowed me to improve processes that increase sales, such as filtering large datasets, and given me increased confidence in my new skills. The latter makes it easier to communicate to peers and get their feedback.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

Dataquest has given me a chance to grow within my career.

– Dataquest Learner in Venezuela

I am able to apply new skills at work almost immediately after learning.

– Dataquest Learner in the Czech Republic

I feel more comfortable using data, which allows me to make better decisions at work.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

I automated some tasks to do more while spending less time. Also, I got a salary increase due my new skills.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

Starting to get into programming has helped me improve my approach to data, how to structure it, how to clean it. I’m having way more fun at my work.

– Dataquest Learner in Luxembourg

It’s been incredibly rewarding to use the knowledge I’ve learned from Dataquest in my job every day. I’ve written new analysis programs, updated and streamlined old ones, and got exposed to things like Jupyter (which is a gamechanger).

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

People lean on me constantly to solve programming problems. I credit Dataquest with giving me great knowledge of pandas and NumPy.

– Dataquest Learner in Denmark

I’m now the go-to guy at work!

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

I want to learn to code!


I had no background in computer science, but now I can use Python to simplify my work with Excel and it’s fun!

– Dataquest Learner in Indonesia

Dataquest made something I thought out of reach — coding and applying Python to data analytics— a reality.

– Dataquest Learner in Indonesia

Data science never felt this easy before, and I‘m not scared to do programming anymore!

– Dataquest Learner in India

Now I feel I can write code. That was something unthinkable for me before Dataquest.

– Dataquest Learner in Spain

Dataquest showed me that it is never too late to learn programming!

– Dataquest Learner in Rwanda

I feared coding, statistics, and mathematics. But Dataquest, through its method of learning, has made me realize that I am good at what I was scared of before. I can now go beyond to read and know more, which is a step forward to my career

– Dataquest Learner in Nigeria

With Dataquest, I was able to test into the advanced programming track at my educational institution.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

Before joining Dataquest, I used to do some research work. But I stumbled while writing code. Now I am fluent in coding related to data science with Python.

– Dataquest Learner in Bangladesh

I could not imagine that I would have learned how to program in my life, and here I am now.

– Dataquest Learner in Switzerland

I want to improve my life!


I feel more secure in my future.

– Dataquest Learner in Singapore

Learning with Dataquest has changed my paradigm of learning and instilled a sense of quiet self-confidence which is helping me in other areas of life as well.

– Dataquest Learner in India

Confidence is a theme that came up in a lot of answers, including many similar ones that we haven’t quoted here. One of the reasons Dataquest is so effective at helping to build confidence is that we focus on learning by doing. It’s easy to feel confident that you’ll be able to do something when you’ve already done it before!

I’m able to compete in Kaggle more
and feel more confident.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

I’m really learning more at Dataquest than from a master’s degree in big data.

– Dataquest Learner in Spain

I’m taking a break in my career to help raise a child. Dataquest has helped me feel like I’m still learning and developing my skills, instead of just sitting in the sidelines.

– Dataquest Learner in the United States

Dataquest really made my life better. I purchased the course when it was on sale, but now I would happily pay full price for another year.

– Dataquest Learner in Japan

I’m still taking Dataquest courses, and it was the best investment of my life!

– Dataquest Learner in Russia

These are just short excerpts from the many similar responses we got. And of course, we’re only sharing quotes from learners who indicated that we could publish their quotes. Still, we think this does a good job of answering the question: is Dataquest worth it?

But you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out some quantitative data from our surveys, or read our learner reviews on third-party sites like SwitchUp and Course Report, and you’ll find a lot of the same themes.

What impact could Dataquest have on your life? 

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