AI in Beer Brewing


Artificial intelligence (in this case machine learning based AI) is making its way into so many parts of our lives without us even realising it. One such case is, surprise, surprise, the brewing of beer.

There are now, in fact, breweries that are using A.I. to enhance beer production. This is both brilliant and unbelievable!

Using data to inform brewmasters’ decisions with the possibility of personalised brews makes AI-brewed beer definitely intriguing.

Queue IntelligentX

IntelligentX has the distinction of creating the world’s first beer utilising AI algorithms and machine learning to help adjust their beer recipes.

IntelligentX produces the world’s first beer brewed by artificial intelligence, which improves itself from customer feedback. We use a complex machine learning algorithm to determine what consumers like about our beers, then brew new versions which are more finely tuned to people’s tastes.

IntelligentX creates four different varieties of beer:

  • Black AI

  • Golden AI

  • Pale AI

  • Amber AI

IntelligentX asks customers to follow the URL link provided on the bottles/cans to give their feedback. By answering 10 questions customers 100k data points.


This data is processed by an AI algorithm, and then the brewer decides how to incorporate the algorithm’s output(s). Rather than replacing the brewmaster, AI gives insights into how to make decisions based on customer feedback. In future it could be possible to order a beer based on a recipe customized to your personal preferences.

The key question is: will AI be able to cure hangovers by making hangover-free beer?

— Steve

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