Project Chameleon: Google’s staffing model that may alter the future of workplace dynamics


    Google needed to augment it’s staff in certain roles quickly, as and when its product strategies shifted. It’s employee’s wanted a more diverse experience, career mobility and knowledge sharing. After considering buffer capacities, job-rotation program and evangelization in internal job boards, the team created an Internal job marketplace called the ‘Chameleon’.

    Chameleon allows employees and managers to “bid” for assignments. The whole program was tested internally at Google for a while and has been in use now for a couple of years.

    This could very well become the model that enterprises could adopt across their internal teams to take the monotony out of the workforce and allow more people who get the big-picture to thrive in a corporate environment. Machine learning algorithms can possibly tailor the opportunities for individuals and teams giving rise to new HR practices.

    Checkout what Google shared in one of its post almost 2 years ago: