Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Data Analysis, AI and IoT Device New Normalcy Post-Pandemic

Pandemic is a surprise visitor that sends shock-waves across the globe. When a sudden outbreak stroke, people of different communities started acting in contrasting ways to protect themselves from contracting the disease and tried...

Pandemic effect: Adoption of AI & Robotics accelerated

The autonomous or self-driving vehicles are yet to pave its way to reality. The important reason behind this is the unclear amount of revenue and profit it could yield due to its high research...

Artificial Intelligence in Business: The New Normal in Testing Times

The COVID-19 situation has made business models around the world to rethink their strategies The COVID 19 situation, has rendered the industry into an unprecedented situation. Businesses across the globe are now resorting to plan...

Artificial Intelligence Startups Raised $61.6bn in Total Funding, a 35% Jump in a Year

Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have transformed business processes across different industries, changing how companies operate, manage finances, gather and analyze data, and build customer relations. As...

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