Friday, January 27, 2023
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Machine Learning takes Robotics to the Next Level of Development

In the mid-twentieth century when the computer and its applications were starting to bring changes to the world, sociologist David Reisman had something stuck in his mind. He wondered what people would do once...

Accelerating Cloud adoption – Challenges and Opportunities

The idea of this blog is to bring out some of the insights shared by industry experts during the recent Corporate Innovation roundtable anchored by T-Hub. Cloud technology is...

Researchers use AI to determine which face masks work best for COVID-19

A growing range of face masks are popping up around the world, but many haven’t proven their effectiveness against COVID-19.Researchers at Duke University have created a low-cost smartphone-based system for measuring the...

Mastering the Internet of Things with Master Data Management

Many organizations have struggled to harness the IoT’s scale, size, and speedy datasets for a cogent business use case justifying investing in this expression of big data. If the principal challenge is making sense...

Big Memory Unleashes Big (Real Time) Data

In this special guest feature, Charles Fan, CEO of MemVerge, believes that in the years ahead, the data universe will continue to expand, and the new normal will be real-time analytics and...

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Transform your data into a competitive advantage with AaaS

Analytics as a Service allows organizations to outsource their analytics needs to specialized providers, giving them access to advanced analytics tools and expertise without...

Google code red: ChatGPT, and rumors of Apple Search challenge the dominance of search giant

Google code red was issued, and the tech giant is quite right to be worried. You already know the rise of ChatGPT and how...

Tome AI offers a new way to create presentations easily

Do you have trouble making presentations? If so, you should meet generative storytelling and start using Tome AI. Using GPT-3 and DALL-E 2, Tome...

Transforming data into insightful information with BI reporting

Business intelligence reporting is a critical component of any organization’s operations. It entails collecting, analyzing, and presenting data to support informed decision-making. In today’s...